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Cell-to-Cell Spread of HIV May Help Maintain Viral Reservoir

HIV appears able to spread from one infected T-cell to another, according to new research described in the August 17, 2011, advance online edition of Nature. This finding may help explain how HIV is able to establish long-lasting reservoirs that are impervious to current antiretroviral drugs.alt

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Gene Therapy Using Modified HIV Hailed as Potential Cancer Cure

Genetically engineered T-cells altered with a viral vector derived from HIV were able to destroy tumors and induce sustained remission in patients with leukemia -- a technique related to gene therapy currently being tested to protect T-cells from HIV infection.alt



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IAS 2011: Stakeholders Call for HIV Cure Research

Over the past few years a cure for HIV has again become a goal of HIV/AIDS research. The International AIDS Society is a leading proponent of greater investment in cure-related science. alt

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Engineered Virus Delivers 'Suicide Gene Therapy' to HIV-infected Cells

Researchers have developed a lentivirus vector containing the CD4 receptor that can selectively transfer genes only to cells that express HIV envelope proteins, offering the potential for "suicide gene therapy" that targets only infected cells, leaving healthy cells unaffected, researchers reported in the July 23, 2011, issue of Virus Research.alt

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NIAID Announces New HIV Cure Research Funding

On July 11 the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases announced $14 million in new funding for research on strategies to eliminate persistent HIV.

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