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HIV Cure Working Group Calls for Abstracts for July Symposium

A working group under the auspices of the International AIDS Society (IAS) is developing a global scientific strategy "Towards an HIV Cure" that will be presented at a 2-day symposium in July preceding the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.alt

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Sangamo HIV Gene Therapy Trials: Until There's A Functional Cure, Treatment!

Signaling significant progress for research into a functional cure for HIV, Sangamo BioSciences in Richmond, Calif., has announced the start of 2 new clinical trials using SB-728-T, its HIV zinc finger gene therapy technology. Sangamo is the company furthest along in gene therapy for HIV disease.


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Activists Launch Survey for People with HIV about Cure Research Risk

Activists with Project Inform, the Program for Wellness, and the Treatment Action Group are asking HIV positive people to participate in a brief online survey about participation in clinical trials and opinions about the potential risks and benefits of cure-related research.alt

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HIV Persistence Workshop Highlights Progress Towards a Cure

Researchers meeting this month at the International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies in St Maarten presented data from numerous studies looking at various approaches to curing HIV. Some strategies aim to flush latent virus out of hiding, while others are designed to boost immune response. Although the conference largely focused on laboratory and animal research, some early studies in humans were also discussed.alt

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Monkey Study at HIV Persistence Workshop Offers Hope for Functional Cure

Researchers meeting this week at the International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies in St Maarten heard about a small study of macaque monkeys which showed that a multidrug strategy targeting the viral reservoir lowered levels of SIV (a simian virus similar to HIV) and allowed the animals to remain off antiretroviral drugs for 3 months -- in effect a short-term functional cure.alt

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