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IAS 2015: Long-term HIV Remission [VIDEO]


A French teenager with HIV who has maintained an undetectable viral load for 12 years while off antiretroviral treatment was among the most widely discussed topics at the 8th International AIDS Society Conference last week in Vancouver. While no one is calling this case a cure, it does raise interesting questions about "post-treatment control" and may provide clues about how to achieve a functional cure or long-term HIV remission.

[Asier Saez-Cirion, IAS 2015, July 21, 2015]

Asier Saez-Cirion from the Institut Pasteur in Paris described the case at International AIDS Society media briefing on HIV cure research.

"This case is quite exceptional -- that's something we want to make very clear," he cautioned. "Most HIV-infected patients, either children or adults, even if they started treatment very early, if they stop treatment they will lose control of the infection."



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