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NIH Office of AIDS Research Looks at Aging with HIV

The National Institutes of Health's Office of AIDS Research (OAR) recently held a meeting of experts to review information about HIV and aging and formulate a research agenda.

As people with HIV live longer thanks to effective combination antiretroviral therapy (ART), conditions associated with aging have become a greater concern. A growing body of evidence indicates that HIV positive people tend to develop cardiovascular disease and neurocognitive impairment at younger ages, and also appear to experience accelerated immune system aging, or immune senescence.

The topics featured in the slides include atherosclerosis, frailty and inflammation, HIV and accelerated aging, the aging kidney, aging and the neurological system, immune senescence, the biology of immune aging, and HIV comorbidity and toxicity.

According to NATAP, the initial OAR group will form a number of smaller working groups that plan to reconvene in about 6 months to discuss their findings and develop recommendations.



National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project. OAR Aging panel April 2011 Expert's Slide Presentation.