CROI 2015: XDR TB Transmission in High-HIV-Prevalence Settings [VIDEO]


Most people with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) in South Africa acquired the infection through person-to-person transmission -- including transmission in community settings as well as in hospitals -- rather than due to failure of treatment for multidrug-resistant TB, according to a report at the 2015 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) last week in Seattle.

[N. Sarita Shah, CROI, February 25, 2015]

"Until we have better treatment for XDR-TB -- and even when we have better treatment -- prevention of XDR-TB remains paramount to reduce morbidity and mortality from this disease," Shah said at a CROI press conference.

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NS Shah, JC Brust, B Mathema, et al. Majority of XDR TB Cases Are Due to Transmission in a High-HIV-Prevalence Setting. 2015 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Seattle, February 23-24, 2015. Abstract 92.